Thursday, August 4, 2011

Easter 2011, Jason & Brenda (Smith) Strike with Jessica, Jamie, and Jacob along our horse fence in the back yard. We took several nice family pictures that day, it was a great Easter celebration, we had chocolate bunnies for everyone!
Happy Second Birthday Jamie!!
JJ's and Briana's wedding was a magnificent time for the family! We pranked JJ with Danny dressing up in a wedding dress, and trying to find the garter... he was such a good sport - JJ AND Danny! Really funny!
I realize that this post is unbelievably late, but I had fallen off the face of the earth during the weddings of June/July 2010. This is a picture of the many, many beautiful ones for this incredible wedding of Danny and Andria. More than a year later I am still obsessing, and stand amazed at the year we have had!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Travis and Barb are working very hard on wedding music that they will be providing for JJ and Briana's wedding. We are so excited to have them participate and anxiously await their performance! They will be playing The swan song.
see: if you are interested. Also I will try to add it on my music selection on this blog.

So many people working so hard to make this a wonderful day for them! It is so wonderful and the process has been very fulfilling and fun!

Here is the dress/es that I have picked for myself for the weddings. Briana's will be nearly this color, floor length (I chose a taupe as the fathers will be dressed in black tux - with silver/grey vest and tie) For Danny's wedding where I will be MOG instead of MOB (mother of the groom versus mother of the bride.... that makes me smile) I chose to go with the same dress but with a tea length (mid calf) and in a light turquoise color to match the teal blue of the bridesmaids and beautiful peacock theme wedding they have chosen. I finally have an alterations appointment tomorrow for my two dresses - which makes me happy and some of the final details are getting accomplished which should help me sleep! Tomorrow is busy with alteration appointment for me, final marriage counceling session for JJ and Briana (Danny and Andria are already done with this phase) a walk through with the church wedding coordinator regarding details of the ceremony, and an appointment with the Worship leader regarding wedding music during the ceremony. The evening will be pulling a rough draft of the order of service together, and ordering the program paper! How fun!

The preparations have been underway for awhile now... there have been 300 kisses, 300 bookmarks with new address labels on the back, 200 handmade invitations, and much more! It has been a fun process, lots of laughs, giddy late nights to get things accomplished. Briana has had some friends from college come home for a weekend to help - that was wonderful to get to meet these incredible young ladies (at times a little scary!)

The reception will be at Chula Vista, with light pink, silvery grey, black accents. JJ and Briana wants everyone to understand their love for each other, and their love for God.... as more will be explained during their ceremony in June!